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Car & Auto Accident Lawyers in Lawrence & Andover, MA

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In an average year, there are more than 5 million car accidents in the US. Hundreds of thousands of people are injured – many severely – and thousands more die. If you or a family member are injured, or if a loved one has died, in a car or vehicle crash, it will be critical in retaining an experienced accident lawyer in order to obtain full compensation.

Identifying Those Responsible for Car Accidents and Proving Liability

After an accident, one of the first steps is to determine liability. In many cases it will be clear which driver is at fault, while in other cases it may not be so clear, or there may be more than one driver at fault. Even if you believe that the other driver is at fault, this does not mean that the insurance company for the other driver will accept your theory.

The fact is that when accidents occur that involve significant damages and injury, the insurance company for the other driver will almost never accept liability at the outset of the case, as it is not in their best interests to do so, even if liability seems to be clear. Instead, the other insurance company may blame the injured or others, delay the case, offer “low-ball” settlements, or claim that the damages are far less than those that actually occurred.

My Role – Advancing Your Case and Getting You Full Compensation

My role is to advance your case through evidence, including witness statements, expert opinions on accident causation, medical experts concerning injury and prognosis, and other experts, as needed, on matters such as lost wages. It is especially important to make a claim for all damages that you have suffered, or are likely to suffer (such as pain and suffering from future surgeries that may be necessary). You will have only one chance to make your case – even if your condition subsequently worsens. I will want to work with your physician to understand whether there are likely to be any future medical conditions for which compensation should be sought.

The truth is that insurance companies only pay meaningful settlements when they understand that they are likely to lose much more at trial.

By carefully building your case through evidence, I will position your case for a settlement for fair value. If defendants and their insurance companies do not want to settle for fair value, your case will be well-positioned for trial, and a jury can then determine fault and liability.

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