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When I started at this firm decades ago, I was not the principal attorney. I started as a claims administrator before becoming a lawyer. After getting my law degree I was hired on as an attorney, worked my way to becoming a partner and eventually bought the practice from the other attorneys. That was more than 20 years ago. I understand what it is like to work hard.

Attorney Sabounji also started working at the firm before getting her law degree. She worked as my assistant throughout her time in law school and took a job at another firm after getting her law degree. After a short stay at the other firm, she returned to the firm as an attorney, just like I did. Together we have built a strong legal support staff dedicated to helping clients. Everyone in our office speaks Spanish and attorney Sabounji is also fluent in Arabic.

A Legal Team Focused On Client Service

The strength of this firm is in our people. I am a firm believer that building strong relationships with clients is the pathway to success. People often come to the firm hurt or broken and we make them whole again. My legal support team creates a safe, comfortable and supportive environment and pride ourselves on fighting for the underdog.

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